Meet Katie Abbott, Customer Care Specialist at Alise Body Care

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April 19, 2019
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May 1, 2019

Meet Katie Abbott, Customer Care Specialist at Alise Body Care!

Katie has been working at Not The Same/Alise Body Care since May of 2018. In her time there she has learned quite a bit about how a “micro-business” works. Her favorite part of her job is when she gets to interact one on one with customers, giving suggestions and recommending product to fit their desire to “feel good.” Katie says, “This is a job like none I have ever had before. Getting to work with such a small team has really inspired me to think in new ways I had not previously explored.”

When she is not working at Alise Body Care, she is going to school, taking part in musical and theatrical productions, or spending time with her best friend, and soon to be husband, Brian.  Right now Katie is in school pursuing an Associate of Arts degree from Pueblo Community college, which she will receive in May 2019, as well as continuing her education in the Fall of 2019 at Colorado State University Pueblo where she will finish off her schooling with a Bachelor’s of Music degree.  With these degrees, Katie hopes to be able to share her skills with the community by teaching private vocal lessons and basic piano. Katie says she was fortunate enough to have taken lessons in voice for 10 years, and it made such a difference in her life that she wants the chance to mentor other young performers on their journey.

To Katie, adventure is a word with so many possibilities. It is a word of hope, because no adventure is complete without a challenge. So when the challenges of life come, Katie knows that it is all just part of Life’s Great Adventure.

Katie’s favorite Alise products are Calistoga Facial Masks (mud and seaweed) and Fabulous Foot Scrub bar (she loves using it head to toe).

Written by Katie Abbott, Production Specialist at Alise Body Care
May 1, 2019

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