About “Not The Same”

Over 20 years ago, we began in Calistoga, California crafting natural bath, body and relaxation products.

In the beginning, our products were inspired by years of pampering people at a local spa in Calistoga. We witnessed the therapeutic stress-reducing benefits of "the spa experience". People would often arrive tense, stressed and rushed. By the end of their spa treatment, they emerged relaxed, renewed and moved at a much slower pace. We decided to begin crafting our own products to offer the public a way to enjoy this same "spa experience" at home. We began selling these products in 1995 in our Calistoga Bath Shop, which grew into Free Time and then Mudd Hens on Lincoln Avenue, downtown Calistoga.

In the early 2000s, we were growing and decided to expand, so we created a new company, Not The Same LLC, which was to be the manufacturing company focused on creating 100% natural body care products, specifically our Calistoga line: Calistoga Mud and Mineral Baths, Calistoga Mud Mask, Calistoga Seaweed Mask, and Calistoga Mud Soap. Many of which remain a rich part of our “her-story”.

In 2007, we sold the Calistoga retail store and moved Not The Same to Guffey, Colorado. With our foundation in the Calistoga line, we expanded our product lines to include herbal salves, aromatherapy sprays, and roll-ons, facial care products, pleasure creams, and a variety of olive oil-based soaps.

In 2010, we moved the business to our current home in Canon City, Colorado.

We continue to make 100% natural bath, body, and relaxation products that use ONLY NATURE'S INGREDIENTS. Nothing artificial or synthetic is ever added to our products.

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