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Meet Ashlee Sack

About Ashlee

My love affair with the outdoors started very early as an avid beachgoer, water skiier, and horseback rider. In college, I also found triathlons and mountain biking, but didn't really start engaging with biking and running until after I had my second son in 2013. After that, I was hooked. I now consider mountain biking and trail running my therapy, my exercise regime, and my favorite pastimes. I love sharing these healthy activities with my two sons, ages 6 and 8, and my husband. My greatest joy is traveling to new places and interacting with the people and landscape by feeling the dirt beneath my feet and taking time to notice the intricacies of trails, trees, mountains, and rivers. I work with Fremont Adventure Recreation as a trail evangelist, event organizer, and recreation advocate. This work has given me new perspectives on local businesses (who support our outdoor recreation community), tourism, health and wellness, and trail use.

Favorite Outdoor Activities

Mountain biking, trail running, whitewater rafting, rock hounding with my sons

Favorite Products

Without a doubt, my favorite Alise Body Care product is the Muscle and Joint Relief Rub On. I prefer the clove scent and carry it with me on any long ride or overnight trip. After every afternoon of a multi-day mountain bike ride, half-marathon, or combination of both, I make time to relax and work out the day's stress on my legs. The second most important product in my post-ride arsenal is the Calistoga Mineral Bath. The fragrance is incredibly relaxing and the effect on my tired body is, too.

Ashlee Sack • Age: Fabulous 40 • Cañon City, Colorado