Meet Linda Benningfield, Shipping and Warehouse Lead at Alise Body Care

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November 1, 2019

Meet Linda Benningfield, Shipping and Warehouse Lead at Alise Body Care!

Linda began working at Alise in August of 2019 as the Administrative Assistant.   She is a native of Colorado, hailing from Hartsel and Salida.  In the 1970s she moved to Denver to “experience all of the joys of a big city”.   She and her husband Dave moved to Canon City in 2014.   “We absolutely love it here, and know it is one of the best decisions we have ever made in our 38-year marriage.”

In her first career, Linda worked for the State of Colorado within various agencies.  She finished 23 years of state service working in the University of Colorado/Health Science Center, where she was the Business Manager for a grant-funded entity primarily focused on providing services for individuals with disabilities.

Linda decided she wanted to continue in a career that focused on helping others enjoy a better quality of life, but one outside of government service.  In 1997 she entered school at age 43 to become a Licensed Esthetician.  She has worked as an Esthetician in a health and wellness center, a skin care studio, and a salon.   She also provided her services in a home-based environment for many years.  “I would guess my hands have ministered to well over a thousand people through facials, reflexology, aromatherapy and body treatments.  It’s been an awesome and humbling experience.”

But, she isn’t ready to stop working with people.  Linda says “When I saw the position open for Alise Body Care, I just knew it was for me because of my understanding of skin, and my experience offering products and services to a wide variety of people.  And thankfully Lisa thought so too!  Its another opportunity to help people, and I have always been an advocate for pure, healthy, and valuable products for our skin and body.”

Just last year Linda gave herself permission to call herself an artist, considering she is always in the middle of some kind of art project.  She paints furniture in unique ways, draws, crafts all kinds of home décor, and is a member of the Rocky Mountain Wool Rug Braiding Guild.  She is a published writer of short stories and has edited several newsletters.   Writing is one of her passions, and she is currently writing a book that she hopes to publish in the near future.  She has given Bible Studies to many people, and has trained others how to share their faith.  She loves working in her garden, walking, and camping in the beautiful Colorado mountains.  And by the way, she also rode her own Harley Davidson for many years.

About Alise Linda says:  I’ve only been with Alise a short time, but I am very proud of Lisa and her business savvy and integrity, attention to detail, passion for excellence – and of course – the products. And Amy has a passion for crafting from the recipes and formulas that is hard to match anywhere.  She loves what she does.    I’ve been using several of the products over the last few months, and they are nothing short of remarkable.  Coming from a self-proclaimed ‘product snob’ – that’s quite a valuable recommendation.  I’m blessed to be here, to work with Lisa and Amy, and to promote the wonderful, beneficial products we craft and sell.”

Linda’s favorite Alise products are CBD Muscle Therapy Salve 500mg in Wintergreen, Skin Refresher Herbal Salve in Peppermint and Calistoga Mineral Baths in Lavender Dreams and Stress Relief.

Written by Linda Benningfield, Shipping and Warehouse Lead at Alise Body Care
November 1, 2019

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