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July 29, 2019
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August 19, 2019
Muscle Therapy Salve CBD Family

Muscle Therapy Salve CBD

August 2019

Local natural herbal remedies manufacturer Alise Body Care is advancing its product line to the Colorado forefront with its latest addition, full spectrum hemp cannabidiol oil pain relieving salves.

Muscle Therapy Salve, has 500 mg of CBD that is formulated to be a deep penetrating herbal blend that relieves sore muscles, joint aches, inflammation, pain and cramping. 

Founder Lisa Scheerer has been making 100 percent natural herbal and essential oil remedies for more than 15 years while studying and experimenting with cannabis topicals for six years.  

She said she was determined to locate the best quality local hemp farmers, create the perfect product formulas and establish a reliable customer product information process before she would offer her pain-relieving salve to her customers.  

“Our hemp is locally sourced from Fremont County farmers and double tested in third-party certified testing facilities, first by the farmers and then again by us,” she said. “We formulate each batch by hand by referencing the test results and blending the right amount of hemp CBD concentrate with extra virgin olive oil and other pain relieving herbs. Our product is topically nutritious; its healing properties work with the body’s natural healing system to help it heal faster.” 

In order to provide the best possible information for customers, each jar is marked with an identification batch number.  They can reference their jar batch numbers at AliseBodyCare.com to find out when each jar was created and its CBD/THC potency level. 

“Customers can purchase our products with the test results in hand,” she said. “They have instant access to their product’s information on their bottles. When they look up their product test results they will see the THC level is non-existent, and that our CBD purity is excellent.”

Scheerer said people should insist on getting the best CBD body care products possible because anything put on the skin will absorb and get into the bloodstream, and many readily available products are very poor quality that will not deliver the desired results.

“I don’t know of any other business in our region or even the state that is creating topical CBD products with as much experience and transparency as we are,” she said.More information can be found at www.alisebodycare.com/CBD.

Written by Lisa Scheerer, CEO and Creative Alchemist of Not The Same dba Alise Body Care


  1. Cynthia Bivona says:

    How does the THC affect you? Will it make you tired. I what to try the CBD but don’t want the side effects of THC

    • Lisa Scheerer says:

      Hello Cynthia

      There is no THC in our products, so you will not experience any side effects of THC. Here’s a link to our test results that reflect 0% THC in our products.

      With our products, you will experience the pain-relieving benefits of herbs and CBD. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

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