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  • Headache Relief Roll On .35ozHeadache Relief Roll On .35oz

    Headache Relief Roll On


    A soothing aromatherapy roll-on that relieves headaches and eases tension. Breathe deeply and feel the relief!

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  • stress relief essential oils gift setStress Relief Spray 4oz

    Stress Relief Bundle – On The Go


    Stress happens, and we want you to be ready for it!  That’s why we created our Stress Relief Bundle – On The Go to help you or someone you love through the challenging stuff of life.

    Enjoy savings when purchased as a Bundle versus individually.

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  • Cramp Relief Roll On


    Our Cramp Relief roll-on is a powerful blend of herbs and essential oils formulated to relieve monthly cramping as well as symptoms of PMS.  

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  • Stress Relief Roll On .35oz

    Stress Relief Aromatherapy Roll On


    A powerful aromatherapy which relieves anxiety and nervousness. Soothes tension and stress for a brighter day and better sleep. Breathe deeply and bliss out!

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  • Sun Shield SPF 14 Lavender 0.35oz Rub On

    Sun Shield SPF 14 Lavender .35oz Rub On


    Our Beautiful Skin Sun Shield SPF 14+ Lavender is our Beautiful Skin Facial Salve blended with zinc oxide for SPF protection.

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  • Muscle Therapy Salve CBD Rub On


    A deep penetrating herbal CBD blend that relieves sore muscles, joint aches, pains and cramping. Warms and soothes the body before/after physical activity, during massage and after workouts.  Does not contain THC.

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  • Wild Yam Roll On .35ozAromatherapy Roll on Set

    Wild Yam Roll On


    A soothing roll-on that helps to balance hormones naturally. Calms mood and anxiety during menopause. Feel better!

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  • Beard Balm Lemongrass 1oz tin

    Beard Balm


    An herbal blend for your beard that soothes the skin and softens the hair.  Adds nutrients to keep skin moisturized and the facial hair nourished. A little goes a long way for a healthy beard!

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  • Lip Saver Balm


    A moisturizing lip balm blended with nourishing oils to soothe, repair and protect your lips.  (Formerly Nice Lips – same product, new name).

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  • Sun Shield SPF 14 .35oz Rub On


    A moisturizing herbal blend for your face and lips that protects and nourishes day or night. Shields your skin from the sun and wind.

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  • Sun Shield SPF 14 Lip Balm


    An SPF 14. mineral based lip balm.

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  • Muscle And Joint Relief .35oz Salve Rub On


    A deep penetrating herbal salve that relieves soreness in muscles and joints. This salve combines a variety of anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving herbs in an infusion of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.
    Note: Previously called Sore Muscle and Joint Relief or Muscle Therapy Rub

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