Pacific Coast Seaweed Soap

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November 17, 2017
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November 18, 2017

Pacific Coast Seaweed Soap

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A refreshing soap that moisturizes and exfoliates. Combines beneficial oils with nurturing ingredients to nourish skin of all types. Experience the magic of seaweed infused with refreshing peppermint essential oil!


Our Pacific Seaweed Soap is a magical soap which moisturizes, exfoliates, and nourishes skin of all types.  As our Seaweed Soap gets wet and lathers, the Mendocino sea kelp expands to become a gentle, yet effective exfoliant.  In addition to the kelp, three types of seaweed act as collagen strengtheners and natural boosts to your immune system, resulting in clearer skin. And finally, peppermint essential oil cools, invigorates, and refreshes. The Pacific Seaweed Soap, like all of our soaps, uses a base of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and cleanses your skin without stripping it of its natural oils.

The Pacific Seaweed Soap is available in a 5 oz round bar. In the shower, our soaps can be used daily and will last an average of 2 to 3 months. Unopened on a shelf, our soaps will last at least 3 years. For best lather, use with a washcloth. This soap can be used for the body, the face, or even as a shampoo bar.

The Pacific Seaweed Soap is one of our best-sellers and is a favorite within the company.



1 review for Pacific Coast Seaweed Soap

  1. pamelawilder28

    Best soap I’ve ever used! Clean and moisturized what more could you ask for!

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