Sun Shield SPF 14 .35oz Rub On

Sun Shield SPF 14 Lavender 0.35oz Rub On
Sun Shield SPF 14 Lavender .35oz
April 10, 2018
Adventurer’s Kit
June 4, 2018

Sun Shield SPF 14 .35oz Rub On

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A moisturizing herbal blend for your face and lips that protects and nourishes day or night. Shields your skin from the sun and wind.


Our Sun Shield SPF 14 is our Beautiful Skin Facial Salve blended with zinc oxide for SPF protection. The extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil along with the zinc oxide shield your skin from the sun (about SPF 15) and wind. The shield is a natural UVA and UVB blocker and available in a convenient travel-size rub-on–perfect for your pocket, purse, or beach bag! Sun Shield SPF 14 can be used on both your face and lips and regular application is recommended for effective protection. No scent added!

Weight.5 oz
Dimensions2 × 1.2 × 2 in

1 review for Sun Shield SPF 14 .35oz Rub On

  1. Cathy W.

    Finally, a sunscreen that is organic and smells fantastic with pure Lavender Oil or No Scent formula AND in a stick format! It’s good for my skin as well as the environment. Alise sun shield stick goes on smooth and now no need to get your hands full of sunscreen lotion which is not practical when you have to hold a paddle or handlebars on a bike. Alise sun shield comes in a small stick that is convenient to tuck away for all my outdoor adventures.

    Thanks to Alise for making this awesome product that is gentle for my skin, environmentally friendly and a convenient stick.

    • Lisa Scheerer

      Thank you Cathy!

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