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April 12, 2017
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July 27, 2017

Alise Body Care

 A Very Special Announcement!

With excitement, joy, and butterflies, we’d like to introduce you to our new brand name and logo!


Same products, fresh new face.


Please meet…


After a great deal of time, energy, and even soul searching, we believe we have come up with a brand name
which truly reflects the steady heart of our company.


To create 100% natural body care products with the finest ingredients on earth!

To create the most effective body care products possible!

And to be “courageously authentic” in everything we create!


We’ve learned that with change, there usually are questions.  

We’d like to take this opportunity to answer the some of the questions of our loyal customers…



Is the Not The Same brand gone?

No! Not The Same will continue as the parent company and be the manufacturer of all Alise products to ensure quality and consistency.


Are the products changing?

Absolutely not.  Our recipes work.  We know that because it’s what our customers have been saying for over 14 years!  The only change you will see in the products is a new label, some new packaging, and a couple of small product name tweaks.  Our ingredients and blends have not changed and will continue to be produced in small, handcrafted batches by the Not The Same team.


Why Alise—Courageously Authentic Body Care?

Because we believe the time has come to be courageously authentic! To be ourselves, to be brave, to be open and transparent in what we say and what we do. The name Alise embodies the pure and natural quality of our products…and the pure and natural way we hope everyone lives their life!


Has the company ownership changed?

Nope. Not The Same is still spearheaded by Lisa and her amazing team.  The Alise brand simply clarifies our mission: to create authentic body products that empower our customers to live a fun, connected, and “feel good” lifestyle.


With the new brand name, Alise, what’s ahead?

Over the next three months, you will see new labels, a new look to our festival displays, and a new website! You will also see an update on our Facebook page and perhaps a few new social media platforms.  We’ll keep you updated!


Have more questions?
Don’t hesitate to e-mail us at info@notthesame.net. We would love to answer any concerns or just hear your thoughts on the new brand name!



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