The Alise Journey

Not The Same LLC was originally created by Denise Ewing and Lisa Scheerer back in the early 2000's. In 2007, we were out growing our space in Calistoga at our retail store Mudd Hens, and decided to move the manufacturing business to Guffey Colorado. Once in Guffey, we hired our friend Avril Anjers who successfully came on board and helped us improve our production processes and raise the quality and consistency of our products. We were a strong team, and successfuly built the business from 10 wholesale accounts in 2007, to over 60 by 2012. In addition to the wholesale business, we added a sales channel that sold direct to customers via our website (www.NotTheSame.net) and had a booth at many festivals in Colorado, California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico.

During the years of 2015-2016, both Denise and Avril endeavored life-changing circumstances and both "passed" from our physical world. Much of this time was spent moving through our grief while we contemplated the future of Not The Same. We continued to focus on making the best quality 100% natural body care products we could. With the beginning of a new year (2017), we realized we needed something to lift our spirits and honor our dear friends. We love making our 100% natural body care products and discovered in our grief that we desired now more than ever to get our message and products out to the world! We came up with the idea to "re-brand". We hired a company to help us create our new "look" so that it honors Denise and Avril's light and spirit in our 100% natural body care products. The re-branding process was raw, arduous and down right difficult. However, we preserved through the process. Turns out, it rejuvenated our passion and lifted our spirits to a new level! Alise | Courageously Authentic Body Care was born!

Our new brand consists of 4 "new" parts: a new name, a fresh new look with bright colors, a new "message/tag line" and a new logo.

The name "Alise" was selected in remembrance to our original team: "A" = Avril, "-ise" = Den-ise, and "lise" = Lisa. Through the branding journey and still today, Lisa is the CEO and leading our rejuvenated Not The Same/Alise team in our mission to create 100% natural body care products created only with nature's ingredients! We keep Denise and Avril's fun and pioneering spirits as well as their beautiful smiles "alive" in our new brand name, in our SAME GREAT products and our hand-crafting manufacturing processes. Our commitment to 100% natural, minimally processed body care that contains the healing power of the earth's gifts lives on in the products we create as Alise.

We love our new "look" with bright, happy colors, upbeat tag line and powerful logo. (click here to read about what our logo symbolizes).

The Alise product packaging reflects the new colors, logo, much clearer ingredient lists and directions. We will continue to better communicate our mission and vision in our purpose of creating 100% natural body care products using only nature's ingredients.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our journey to Alise. Click here to learn Alise's mission and vision