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To create authentic body care products that empower our customers to live a fun, connected, and “feel good” lifestyle.  When you "feel good", you live a good life, and have more of "you" to share with others!


It is our belief that being connected is one of the most powerful things this life has to offer us. Connection to inner self, connection to others, and connection to the earth each play a vital role in who we are and how we can achieve wellness.

Calistoga Mud Bath Stress Relief Blend 1lb handcrafted by Alise Body Care


We create authentic body care products that use the highest quality ingredients the earth has to offer. We respectfully blend these nature-sourced ingredients with our understanding of how they work with our bodies’ sense of well-being to create a product that’s approachable, reliable, convenient and holistic.

We believe that each of us is empowered to choose the quality of life we wish to experience. We understand that self-care takes courage. We create products that inspire within each of us the freedom to choose our own sense of well-being.

We believe in the power of being connected to our inner self, the earth and our source. When we are grounded in who we are, we are then able to share meaningful experiences with family and friends. Our products foster a connection with the earth, a connection to self, and a connection to others which feeds our connection to source.

We believe in the fun of life and loving what you do. We honor this by offering products that encourage adventure and an enjoyable, light-hearted approach to life.

We believe in the power of feeling good! When you feel good, you live well and have more of "you" to share with others. Our products provide relief from pain and stress to nourish our sense of well-being.