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Why Choose Us?


In 2005, we were primarily selling our products in our retail store called "Mudd Hens" located on Lincoln Avenue in downtown Calistoga, Napa Valley, California.  The demand for our handcrafted Mud Baths was growing, we needed more space, so we decided to sell the retail store and focus 100% on manufacturing our product line.  We moved the business to Colorado (where 1 of our partners was from), and established ourselves as Not The Same LLC in Guffey, Colorado.  It didn't take long until we outgrew our location again, so we relocated to Canon City, Colorado, where we are currently. 

Our Promise  

We are driven by our passion for living life to the fullest and believe that each of us is empowered to choose the quality of life we wish to experience. Applying that belief as our foundation, we create authentic body care products that use the highest quality ingredients the earth has to offer. We respectfully blend these nature-sourced ingredients with our understanding of how they work with our bodies’ sense of well-being to create a product that’s approachable, reliable, convenient and holistic.

As we continue to grow, we promise to remain true to this foundation. We will mindfully add new products and ingredients when we believe that they will further our mission to provide relief from pain and stress and to nourish your sense of well-being. After all, when you feel good, you live well.


A Personal Connection

It is our belief that being connected is one of the most powerful things this life has to offer us. Connection to inner self, connection to others, and connection to the earth each play a vital role in who we are and how we can achieve wellness.

We desire to have a personal connection with you to help you find your “feel-good” lifestyle. We strive to fuel our connection with you by the connections we build with the earth through the farmers. When possible, we create partnerships with local farmers; visiting the farms and for some, we have even created a 100% natural bug repellent to protect the plants from predators like deer, grasshoppers, aphids, etc.

Finally, we believe our connection with you is further enhanced when we can connect with fellow businesses such as spas and natural markets who also seek to promote a sense of wholeness and well-being.

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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Alise Body Care!