Beard Balm

Beard Soap
Beard Soap
November 22, 2017
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November 27, 2017

Beard Balm


An herbal blend for your beard that soothes the skin and softens the hair.  Adds nutrients to keep skin moisturized and the facial hair nourished. A little goes a long way for a healthy beard!


Our Beard Balm is a moisturizing herbal blend for your beard that soothes the skin and softens the hair day or night. This balm combines a variety of nutritious oils–extra virgin olive, avocado, almond, and jojoba–to moisturize and protect your skin and nourish the hair. Infused with the rejuvenating herbs of calendula and comfrey as well as gota kola, a natural skin collagen strengthener, our Beard Balm helps keep your beard looking healthy.

The Beard Balm is available in two scents, Lemongrass and Pine and Cedar blend(coming soon!). It is available in a 1 ounce tin. Shelf life is 3 years once opened.  A little goes a long way in nourishing skin and facial hair.

Our customers use this product as an everyday skin and hair moisturizer. Anyone who wants or appreciates a soft beard will love our Beard Balm!

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    Beard Soap


    Our Beard Soap can be used as a shaving soap OR to soothe the skin and soften facial hair (or hair anywhere!).  As a shaving soap, it lathers big and gently cushions the razor while it adds nutrients to keep skin moisturized.  When used as a wash or shampoo bar, it gently cleanses while keeping the facial hair nourished.   Scented with refreshing Lemongrass essential oil!

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