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  • Muscle Therapy Salve CBD 500mg Clove WintergreenMuscle Therapy Salve CBD Family

    Muscle Therapy Salve CBD 500mg


    A deep penetrating herbal CBD blend that relieves sore muscles, joint aches, pains and cramping. Warms and soothes the body before/after physical activity, during massage and after workouts.  Available in Clove, Wintergreen.  2oz jar.
    Does NOT contain THC.

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  • alise body care hemp cbd cold sore soothing rollon

    Cold Sore Soother – CBD 25mg


    Soothes your skin and promotes healing!  Keeps your lips hydrated to help prevent sores from forming.

    Does NOT contain THC.

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  • alise body care natural rose setting aromatherapy spray

    Rose Hydrosol Spray


    Balancing, hydrating and toning for your skin.  A beautiful light rose scent.

    2.7oz mister.

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  • Alise Gift Cards


    The perfect gift!  Comes in $25, $50, $75 and $100 options.

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  • Lavender Aromatherapy Spray 4ozLavender Aromatherapy Spray 4oz

    Lavender Aromatherapy Spray


    A relaxing aromatherapy for mind and body. Calms stress and tension any time of day. Breathe in and let go!

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  • Beautiful Skin Facial Salve - Lavender 2ozBeautiful Skin Facial Salve - Ylang Ylang, Geranium, and Clary Sage 2oz

    Beautiful Skin Facial Salve


    A moisturizing herbal blend for your face that nourishes and hydrates day or night. Adds anti-aging nutrients to keep skin young and rejuvenated. A little goes a long way for beautiful skin!

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  • Stress Relief Spray 4ozStress Relief Spray 4oz

    Stress Relief Aromatherapy Spray


    A powerful aromatherapy which relieves anxiety and nervousness. Soothes tension and stress for a brighter day and better sleep. Breathe deeply and bliss out!

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  • Fabulous Foot Scrub Soap 5ozFabulous Foot Scrub Soap 5oz

    Fabulous Foot Scrub Soap


    An exfoliating soap which softens and smoothes skin. Combines beneficial oils with invigorating ingredients to create a moisturizing soap for rough heels. Love your feet and they’ll love you!

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  • Eczema Soothing Soap 5ozEczema Soothing Soap 5oz

    Eczema Soothing Soap


    A moisturizing soap which cleanses and soothes irritated skin.

    Combines beneficial oils with nourishing ingredients to create a calming soap for sensitive skin of all ages. Feel the relief!

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  • colorado wildflower olive oil soap alise body care

    Colorado Wildflower Soap


    A creamy floral soap which moisturizes and nourishes. Combines beneficial oils with nurturing ingredients to soothe skin of all types. Stop and smell the Lavender wildflowers!

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  • Rocky Mountain Soap


    A soap with the power of mud to moisturize and exfoliate the skin. Combines beneficial oils with nurturing ingredients to nourish skin of all types. The secret’s in the mud!

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  • alise body care patchouli soap

    Patchouli Lovers Soap



    If you love patchouli, you will love this soap. Creamy lather and smells oh so good!  (if you love patchouli that is)

    Go ahead, you can go back to the 60’s.

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