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Article: Eucalyptus Can Make Dreams Come True

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Eucalyptus Can Make Dreams Come True

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It’s tough being a woman in desperate need of a little aromatherapy. Especially when that woman lives in a house full of men staunchly opposed to fragrances of any kind. Smelly candles, scented lotions, and fanciful bath products are typically scorned. Something that is clear, perfectly unscented, and without color of any kind? Come on in! Make yourself at home! But a product that promises rest and relaxation while smelling like a lovely tropical mist? Forget it.

So you can imagine what happened when I stepped through my front door, pulled out a shiny bottle of Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Spray, held it high in the air, and positioned one threatening finger over the nozzle. Every nose on the male species in the area perked in fear. I paused. I sprayed. We waited. And then…they smiled. As it turns out, the bright, clean smell of eucalyptus was embraced with open nostrils. And now, several weeks later, the anti-fragrance men of my family are spritzing the air with eucalyptus oil after every shower like professional steam room attendants.

As it turns out, eucalyptus has a number of lovely properties, including anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antiseptic, and antibacterial. So basically, it’s anti-anything that ails you. It can be used as a decongestant or a deodorant, and now I’m convinced it can be the secret weapon to a good night’s sleep. I soaked in the Calistoga Mineral Bath of the Eucalyptus Breeze variety before going to bed one evening. The dead sea salt in the mixture clearly lived up to its name, because I slept like, well, the dead. Then I tried the Eucalyptus Breeze Calistoga Mud Bath with its soft brown clays and felt like I had submerged myself into a giant tub of detox tea. I was prepared to stay in there forever and steep.

Mixed with lavender, cinnamon, and clove, eucalyptus can also behave as a natural sanitizer. This is why the Goodbye Germs Cleansing Spray is living in my purse. I’ve looked down at one too many suspicious grocery cart handles and sticky restaurant counters to not have it with me at all times now. I’m also prepared to spritz the next funky public bathroom that makes me cringe. I’m talking to you, downtown library!

Eucalyptus. Good for stubborn germs, sleepless nights, stuffy heads, and sensitive male noses. A woman’s desperate aromatherapy dream comes true.

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