Eczema Soothing Skin Relief Salve 4oz Jar


A moisturizing herbal blend that soothes symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, hives, bug bites, and other skin irritants. This salve harnesses nutrients to revitalize skin of all ages. A little goes a long way!


Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Beeswax, Organic Herbs of Comfrey, Burdock, Plantain, Calendula, Red Clover, Ginger, Tocopherol Vitamin E.


Apply to the fingertips and gently massage into the skin. This salve can be used by all skin types on the body and the face. Use as often as needed.


Our Eczema Soothing Skin Relief Salve is one of our best sellers because it while nourishing the skin while reliving irritation. Many of our customers utilize this salve to alleviate lasting skin irritants: including the healing of wounds, bug bites, and new tattoos. This salve has no scent added and is safe to use around sensitive areas like the eyes. The Eczema Soothing Skin Relief Salve is also available in a travel size rub-on, and a 2 ounce rub-on.

Like all Alise salves, our Eczema Soothing Skin Relief Salve infuses the natural properties of healing herbs into a base of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.

Eczema, Dryness, Irritation, and Sunburn

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