Foot Refresher Deodorizing Spray 4oz


A powerful deodorizing spray that cools and soothes. Refreshing for hot, tired, aching feet. Spray for a new spring in your step!


Distilled water, Essential Oils of Peppermint, Lavender, and Tea Tree.


Shake well and spray! Spray onto feet, into the air, or directly on your skin. Avoid contact with the eyes.


Our Foot Refresher Deodorizing Spray refreshes feet that are feeling hot, tired, achy, or smelly. Lavender provides anti-bacterial benefits, peppermint promotes cooling properties, and tea tree oil is anti-fungal. Our Foot Refresher Deodorizing Spray is a favorite among our customers with athlete’s foot, and many use our spray as body deodorant as well!

Our Foot Refresher Deodorizing Spray can be used as an air freshener, odor eliminator, deodorant, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant. This spray can be added to a diffuser or sprayed liberally in shower steam, soothing baths, stale rooms, or anywhere you desire!

Like all Alise aromatherapy products, our Foot Refresher Deodorizing Spray uses pure essential oils to create an invigorating experience for the mind and body. 

Foot Odor, Shoe Odor, and Athletes Foot

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