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Article: NIB Spotlight Peppermint EO and Comfrey Root

NIB Spotlight Peppermint EO and Comfrey Root

June 23, 2018

Nature’s Ingredient Benefit (NIB) Spotlight this week is focused on Peppermint Essential Oil and Comfrey Root.

Peppermint Essential Oil
Peppermint essential oil Alise Body Care.
Peppermint essential oil is one of nature’s most versatile and multi-purpose oils with numerous therapeutic benefits. Two of the main active constituents in Peppermint Oil is Menthol and Menthone. Menthol is known to be analgesic and is thus beneficial for reducing pain such as headaches, muscle aches, and inflammation. Menthone is also known to be analgesic and has been proven to show antiseptic properties. In addition, its invigorating properties give the oil its energizing and stimulating effects.

There are numerous applications for which Peppermint essential oil can be used, including soaps, aromatherapy, relaxing baths, and even as a cleaning agent around the house.

When used in aromatherapy, Peppermint essential oil helps to clear the nasal passageway to promote the relief of congestion and to encourage easy breathing. It is believed to stimulate circulation, reduce feelings of nervous tension, soothe feelings of irritability, boost energy, balance hormones, enhance mental focus and help to relieve headaches. When diluted and inhaled or when rubbed in small amounts behind the ear, this digestive oil can reduce the feeling of nausea.

One of my favorite uses, is to spray the Peppermint Aromatherapy Spray on the back of my neck. I feel immediately “stimulated” (no need to stop for a coffee) and it creates a wonderful cooling sensation.

Continue reading to learn more about the “powerful” herb….

Comfrey Root
Comfrey root herb image Alise Body Care
Comfrey is a “flower-power” herb that Nature provides us that can help improve our skin’s health. A powerful nutrient in comfrey is its high content of allantoin, which is a substance that helps promote new skin cell growth, along with other substances that work in reducing inflammation and maintaining healthy skin.

Comfrey is known to help soothe many skin irritations such as scratches, rashes, bug bites and more. It has shown effectiveness in soothing eczema, psoriasis, acne and other skin issues.

Comfrey secrets mucilage which is wonderful at treating existing scars. Because of its ability to activate cell regeneration, scars typically will soften and fade over time.

We infuse the healing benefits of Comfrey in all our herbal salves. Here’s a list of a few additional benefits worth mentioning about this herbal gift from nature:
– Relieves diaper rash.
– Eases pain from arthritis, muscle aches and soreness.
– Promotes new skin tissue for healing wounds.
– Highly moisturizing.
– Softens skin and fades wrinkles.

Written by Lisa Scheerer, CEO and Creative Alchemist of Not The Same dba Alise Body Care

May 23, 2018

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