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Article: Our Journey to Alise

About Alise

Our Journey to Alise

Our Journey to Alise

Back in June of 2017, we joyfully announced our new brand, Alise.  The seeds for this new brand were planted out of our desire to have a fresh face placed on our products and our company—one that was authentic, beautiful, and felt good! And those seeds truly began to sprout at a branding workshop and retreat in November of last year.  We explored a wide variety of color palettes, textures, imagery and symbols. We reflected on the nature of our products, the company’s roots, and our customer feedback. We dreamed about how we could best share our vision of a feel-good lifestyle through our company.  And now, almost nine months later, Alise is here!  (Yes, the timeline isn’t lost on us—it does feel as though we birthed a baby!)

We want the brand Alise to embody each and every person who chooses to live a courageously authentic life. The colors of Alise are inspired by the rich hues radiating from the setting sun at dusk. The logo is an artistic combination of a lotus flower and a dream catcher, reflecting the interconnection we have to the Earth, one another, and our inner self.  And the tagline, Courageously Authentic Body Care, represents the beating heart of the company.

The mission of Alise is to create authentic body care products that empower our customers to live a fun, connected, and “feel good” lifestyle.  With our same great products made with our same effective formulas, the company now has a fresh new face that reflects this mission. We want you to live with courage and authenticity, and we want you to feel good.  And we believe our products can support these desires!

Have a question about the new brand, our company, or our products? Do you want to rave about a particular product of Alise or have a suggestion? We’d love to hear from you! Please do so via our Contact Us page.

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Written by Lisa Scheerer, CEO, August 2017

As with any great journey, there are trials and tribulations.  If you’d like to read about my personal journey through the re-branding process, [archived] not accessible.

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